LED Retrofit

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Replace Your Old Outdoor Lighting with Garvey Rain Company

Your current landscape lighting system could be costing you more than you know. A dated or inefficient system can be more expensive & problematic than most homeowners realize. When you are not running LED lights as your outdoor lighting, you run the risk of:

Higher energy bills because of higher-voltage lights

Fire hazards due to hotter-burning lights and more wiring

Inconsistent lighting due to shorter-life bulbs

At Garvey Rain Company, we can replace any outdoor lighting system with the highly efficient LED lights we use in all of our new outdoor lighting projects. Replacing your current bulbs with LEDs will save you so much on your energy bill… that your system will pay for itself over time. With 80% less energy consumption & up to five times better durability, LED lighting is truly the smartest option for any outdoor lighting system.